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Christopher Neal on life after art

One of our favourite illustrators, the New York-based Christopher Neal, just happens to share a studio space with Sam Weber. Oh man! To be a extra large fly on that wall. It would be so tempting to attach a canvas to your back and just buzz on out of there! We asked Neal what he would have done with his life if art and illustration hadn’t yanked him so firmly by the hand: ‘I think about it all the time. Before I got into illustration I played in a band and was set on a long career in music. Then I started working as a graphic designer. Finally, I fell into Illustration. My days playing in a band seem like a life time ago. It’s possible that I will find some other passion and look back on illustration the way I look back on music now. I’ve always been intrigued by film-making … Who knows, I may even come crawling back to music one of these days. I guess a lot of it depends on how I change as a person and how the Illustration industry changes over time. It’s hard to predict’.

christopher neal

christopher neal

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