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We salute Splendour!

As the final festival devotees gather their bags, pick up their muddy gumboots, and make their long journey home, the hills of Byron Bay seem eerily quiet. Over 17,500 music fans poured into Belongil Fields for the three day Splendour in the Grass event to watch music juggernauts Devo, Sigur Ros, Wolfmother, The Presets and The Cold War Kids do their thing.

Highlights of the bill included a few Australian acts rocking out, with notable performances by The Grates and The Presets with their brilliant new sophmore albums, The Panics, Yves Klein Blue and the ever-so talented Clare Bowditch. Crowd pleasers Wolfmother and Van She had everybody dancing, and The Wombats and The Cold War Kids cemented their popularity with fantastic shows that was a highlight for many. With Splendour 2008 officially over, and the very real possibility that the festival has played its last show in Byron Bay, I’ve have to say, Splendour I salute you.

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