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Radiohead play Belgium

Waking up at 4am, I took a plane, two trains and a bus to a rainy field in Belgium. I passed the day drinking beer and staring at the numerous stalls selling only spring rolls- for some reason either a giant one or eight mini ones qualify as a meal. The day wore on and the rain came-quickly followed by some misgivings. Was it worth coming all this distance to see Radiohead in a bleak grey field? I tried to push these thoughts aside with a giant spring roll, but it didn’t work. I was tired, my feet were aching and I was up to my knees in mud. Then the carbon powered light-tubes converged and finally Radiohead began. The grey dissipated as the lights glowed red, blue, green, purple, red. The sounds of — the now Mercury nominated — In Rainbows­ ­beckoned the crowd away from the freezing darkness, filling the night with colour. I would eat one hundred giant spring rolls to experience it again.

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