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The black and white world of Tyson Roberts

I recenly came across the illustration work of Seattle student, Tyson Roberts. It’s very cool line drawings with a distinct sense of expression and an inherent sense of vulnerability. I asked him a few questions about his inspirations: ‘The places I draw are locations around me. Sometimes I draw outdoors looking at the subject and other times I will draw from a photo or memory. I enjoy the raw results of ink on paper. Drawing in black and white is quite honest and exposes ones abilities and creativity completely. I usually work to silence and the sounds living around me. Other times, I throw on some headphones and listen to music. At the moment, I’m really digging stuff by architects and architectual drawings and, more specifically, the work of Frank Loyd Wright and Frank Gehry. I also love the creative of Gregory Euclide and Armsrock. As far as bands go, right now I am into Yeasayer, The Dodo’s, El-P, and Damian Marley’.
tyson roberts
Tyson Roberts

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