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The XSProject

XSProject is a design effort finding new ways of utilizing consumer waste to create fresh products, reduce trash and provide new livelihood opportunities. This messenger style laptop bag gets you noticed without broadcasting to everyone what you may have inside. Each bag measures 10 x 31 x 39 cm on the outside and has a zippered front pocket. It fits up to a 15-inch screen laptop in the padded sleeve and still has room and pockets for your mobile gear and files. This version of the bag has black nylon lining and a 4.5 cm wide shoulder strap for carrying comfort. The XS artisans cut, select and stitch together pieces of plastic packaging waste to design a unique patchwork pattern for each Carpal Tunnel Syndrome bag. You will see packaging of brands of detergents, cooking oil, toothpaste, and drink pouches from Indonesia which otherwise end up clogging landfills. It’s a process that takes time and attention to detail but results in an original piece of wearable art.

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