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Melbourne’s Section 8

A Melbourne native once said to me: to find the good bars, you have to look for the bins in alleyways. Section 8 totally fits that quota. It is a bar that is a. in an alleyway, and b. filled with trash. As enticing as that sounds, I must make it clear that the alleyway is actually an old carpark in Chinatown and the trash is not exactly trash. But don’t let that stop you. Section 8 is pumping. Filled with forklift pallets for your seating pleasure, this little bar-that-could (also known as the Container Bar) makes a refreshing beverage and plays super cool beats all night.

To add to the cool urban trash, the stripped shipping container has been decked out with old metal cylinders, Chinese paper lanterns and one of those take away trailers that you find at the Easter Show. Don’t mock it! It dispenses not Dagwood Dogs, but a mean drink.

In a city famed for it’s alleyway bars, Section 8 takes the cake by keeping to its trashy roots. The untouched urban feel and the easy vibes are a refreshing change to the kitschy watering holes that you find elsewhere in the city. To put it quite simply, rubbish has never been so cool.

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