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Nicholas Haggard’s portraits

There is a tragic beauty and innocence about Nicholas Haggard’s portraits of his San Francisco friends. We interviewed him recently about his inspirations and his three favorite props.
What is your dream art assignment?
“I would love to photograph the classic recording studios in Nashville Tennessee”.

What are your three favorite props?
“Plants of all kinds, tree branches and leaves make interesting shadow patterns and filter light in the best way. It’s true beds where a favorite for a while. They are inherently relaxing and intimate also technically helpful for longer exposures”.

Where do you find you do your best work?
“San Francisco is always good to me, it’s been three years since I last lived there but it still feels very much like home. I have many amazing friends living there that allow me to photograph them over and over. I live in New York now so anything that gets me out of the city and into nature or an adventure is inspiring”.

Where has your work been seen?
“Exhibitions in Italy and Sweden, upcoming shows at Peter Hay Halpert Gellery here in New York and Rogues Gallery in Maine. Various book publications with Cederteg Publishing and editorial work for magazines like Dazed & Confused, Nylon, Pig, Sang Bleu, Paper, American Craft, and Slash”.

If there could be a soundtrack to your images, what songs or artists would be included?
“Hmm, totally depends on the moment. Towns Van Zandt is a classic, Will Oldham, Neil Young. I’m into this band called Woods lately”.

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