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Wedding Paper Divas

So I’m getting married in three months time and the past six months have been a blur of frenetic activity organizing the many disparate parts that go towards making this special day even more special. Along the way I’ve made a discovery that needs to be shared with any engaged couple who are in a blur of frenetic activity organizing the many disparate parts … ok, ok, you get the picture. Wedding Paper Divas is an innovative online invitation resource and one-stop destination where you can choose from a wide (and I mean wide) range of pre-designed wedding invitations (or customize your own one), all of which is less expensive and, dare I say it, cooler than most of those you’ll find at the stationery shops. Trust me. We’ve spent enough time rifling through catalogue books to know. Having stumbled upon the Wedding Paper Divas website, we now have a letterpress invitation lined up and the legwork — and fingerwork (those catalogue pages are heavy I tell ya) — immediately taken out of the process. Phew! So now we have more time to spend doing everything else that still needs to be done.

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