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Padded Cell’s Night Must Fall

I usually steer clear of anything smelling of disco-breaks: the thought just bores me. But with Padded Cell’s new release, Night Must Fall, I see a bit of a U-turn on the horizon. There’s something really interesting going on here: it’s a cocktail of 80’s swank laced with woozy narcotic undertones and flecked with snappy drum loops: weird, undeniably dark and ominous, but nonetheless pretty damn satisfying. There’s no attempt to squeeze into the endless lines of disco artists queueing up for recognition: the group — formed from the ashes of Bronx Dog and Dirty Beatnik — have almost created a niche unto itself, filled with bursts of live instrumentation, marching beats and breaks, and a mature, but wild, swagger that can only be born out of a flat-out rejection of the oh so normal norm within the broader genre. Expect psychotic saxophones and chugging bass riffs walled in by a claustrophobic synth-rich backdrop: you’d get down to this on any dance floor.

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