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Nova Dando

Highly unwearable but aesthetically riveting, Nova Dando is making killer waves in the notoriously hard to crack London fashion scene. Perhaps the reason she is so visible is that her collections are consistently outrageous, exceptional and innovative showstoppers. Her latest, inspired by a disco den, stands out from the pack for it’s blanket use of black, verging away from the stalwart shade only to hint at silver occasionally. It’s a refreshing take on an old favorite of the fashion underground, even more so after last season’s visual abomination of fluoro. An expert when it comes to that line between costumes and clothes, Nova Dando excels when making clothes that will perform, and for the dancefloor set, they won’t find a more impressive way to stand out. Nor will they likely find a more appropriate dancefloor to practice their performance art than Nova Dando’s herself, where she pairs with Lou Hayter of New Young Pony Club to become Lou-Nova.

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