Forever Tuesday Morning

Andrew Fagan, lead singer of The Mockers, the poppiest New Zealand band of the 80s, came around to my place once when I was an impressionable 10-year old with stars in my eyes and a head full of shiny, shiny melodies. My mother was friends with Fagan’s brother, so she organised for the charismatic frontman to come over to our Wellington terrace (where we lived at the time) and chat to me about the band. I vividly remember the sight of him loping up our driveway, dressed like a modern day Oscar Wilde, continuing past our front door and into the back garden, where he helped himself to a t-shirt full of juicy apples off our tree. Ah, such is the life of a Kiwi pop star. We talked for an hour, or at least, he talked for an hour, and I listened, invigorated by his stories and increasingly resolute in my own dreams to one day strut upon the same well-worn stage. Of course, that wasn’t to happen. But at least I have the memory, and this song, Forever Tuesday Morning — an irrepressible burst of sunny day splendor.

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