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Lemon Poppy Seed

Creating letters from sky might seem an impossible task. Not only is this done very nicely by Lisa Rienermann in Type the Sky, but her aerial approach to typography sits comfortably among the pages of a new book from Die-Gestalten. Lemon Poppy Seed: Multitasking Creativity is a compilation of work by a diverse and international selection of young designers bonded together by their independent spirit and a desire to push the boundaries of graphic design. Okay, there’s nothing new about graphic designers bending the rules and borrowing from other fields these days. But the young talent selected here are truly driven and excited by multidisciplinary approaches in ways that set them apart from more conventional graphic design fare. Much of the work is rather cerebral, from the surreal universes of French designer Julien Pacaud — whose digital manipulations still bear the stamp of his early studies in cinema — to the enigmatic Footwear Fairytales miniature sets by art and design collective ContainerPlus. German design duo Pixelgarten feature heavily, and with good reason. Their ability to use sculptural and installation elements communicates clear concepts and pushes the envelope. Yet they always manage to keep it playful and fun, which is refreshing. At 272 pages, Lemon Poppy Seed is packed full with visual inspiration. There are no accompanying texts or designer bios, which I was definitely craving, but if your curiosity is sparked, then a little extra digging on your own time will be well rewarded.

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