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Cheap Monday are arguably one of the biggest revolutions in denim since Levi’s. They’re pretty much the uniform second skin for the music totin’, cons scuffin’ youth of today. Add to this the latest collection by those clever Swedish folk and you can jump on your stolen bike straight to the nearest Weekday store to buy a new anti-hero wardrobe. Sticking with it’s core themes, MTWTFSS doesn’t just pay homage to the calendar week but the same ethos of monochrome colours and skinny cuts. Also, much like the jeans, there is nothing flashy or pretentious to be seen. This is just good old-fashioned rebel wear. Every piece teeters on being a basic, but through precision fitting becomes something else entirely. The only thing to note is that although the collection is unisex where the female parts veer heavily into androgyny, it’s usually easier (and better looking) to cut out the middleman and head straight to the menswear. Other than that, for all your late night, back alley way misdeeds there is no better clothing than the ultra hooded MTWTFSS psyche.

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