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New Dandyism

Anytime you find Houndstooth and Hoody in the same sentence you know it will be a good day. Well, today has been a great day and New Dandyism, the lovechild of a conglomate of lusty designers — Sons by Obedient Sons, wood wood and Call of the Wild — is the reason. It’s a surprisingly coherent and articulate project for one cooked up in a kitchen filled with chefs. In their own right, all of these designers have an illustrated vision, but together it is a pleasure and a joy to find such a clear and defined voice in making great clothes together. Their design is so clean, so effortless and so modern; when they say ‘Dress Like You Mean It’ they’re not kidding. They’re the sort of clothes that require a heavy hand on the iron, but unlike traditional dandyism this is bricolage and would both make or compliment any style, any form and any situation you put them in to.

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