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SXSW: bands to watch

So here are my picks of acts to watch in 2008 from this year’s SXSW — Jeremy Jay: New K records signing. Sounds like The Microphones meets Buddy Holly; David Banner: political effusive Hip Hop from the heart; Iglu & Hartley: the next buzz band. Epic new wave pop from Hollywood; The Dodos [above]: the most talked about band at SXSW. Everyone wants a piece of this ethnocentric psych band. These New Puritans: ‘Elvis’ is probably my single of the year so far. New stars on Domino; Clare and The Reasons: they played an amazing show at an intimate church. They’re a cross between Antony and the Johnsons and Sufjan Stevens; Magic Wands: total folk freak psych out. How can a duo make such a racket? Islands: from the Unicorns to the present, beautiful apocalyptic post-rock; Bowerbirds: strange orchestral gypsy’ish threesome; Santagold: the next M.I.A? Fleetfoxes: organic folk from Seattle; MGMT: what can I say? Not only is their debut album Oracular Spectacular on everyone’s top ten list already but they back it up with one hell of a live show!

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