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Amy Sol to speak at Perth Semi-Permanent

We’re big fans of the work of American illustrator, Amy Sol. So we were excited to hear that she’s winging over to Australia as a guest speaker at this year’s Perth Semi-Permanent, which is taking place on April 8. We asked her what she was expecting to find on her first visit to the country: ‘I’ve always wanted to visit. I loved to look at National Geographic articles about Australia when I was growing up and always hoped to actually visit someday. I don’t have any expectations at this point. I’m just looking forward to seeing the cities, maybe some wildlife, and perhaps meeting some cool people’. Can you give us a sneaky window into what you’ll be talking about at Semi-Permanent? ‘Well, you’ll have to actually be there to find out because I’m no good at curriculums! I’m really excited and nervous but that is obsolete in comparison to how grateful I am for even being invited. I just want to share what I can with the audience and hopefully offer some insight to the artists or interested people attending’. You are exhibiting pretty regularly. And you draw a lot of girls. What is it about the female form that you particularly like capturing? ‘Yeah. I like to draw girls. I often attach personal metaphors to my characters, but they will vary greatly with each work’. Who are the artists that are inspiring you at the moment? ‘Range Murata, Kay Nielsen, and other “golden age” illustrators’.

amy sol


amy sol

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