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Japanese woodblock art

Grace is part of a new series of books by author Dale Cusack. The story chronicles the lives of Grace and her feline companion Boot in their struggle to fight the evil Drawl and the cover illustration was done by Auckland-based artist, and Lost At E Minor contributor, Dennis Juan Ma. We asked him about what shaped the colour choices for the piece: ‘I wanted to create a mystery world within the reality. I wanted the colour to encourage readers to stimulate their imagination. I illustrated the covers with a classical Japanese wood block look to show the oriental flavour of the cat’s world. And it just happens that I’m a wood block art fan’. Are you particular inspired by a style or an artist at the moment? ‘Not a particular style. I read old Chinese comics, checking out Japanese wood block prints. I also love Victorian art, all sorts of old, vintage stuff, and the work of Sam Weber and James Jean‘. [see more of Dennis Juan Ma’s illustration]

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