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Ellen Carey

I encountered Ellen Carey on my first and only ever trip to Adelaide. She appeared at the side of the stage to sing back up vocals for another local band. Her appearance was brief but I remember being enthralled by her eerie voice and brilliant white dress. On further enquiry I was told the mysterious female in the shadows was a member of an outfit named Birth Glow. Like my first glimpse of Miss Carey, I was immediately enthralled by their music. The trio’s debut album Ultimate Relief runs for a total of 17 minutes, with Carey’s heavenly voice at the helm. Her seemingly innocent tones are complemented by the drones of Nick Walton and Steph Cowle’s tribal percussion. Birth Glow’s music is both beautiful and haunting, their songs disguised as porcelain lullabies that seem to beckon you on through the fiery archways of hell.

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