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In the hours after

Excerpt from an as yet unpublished screenplay, My Reason To Be, in which a mature and inquisitive child seeks relief from the pressures and pain of his daily existence on the trains of Paris. Travelling by night his journey takes in the noises, sights, personalities and dangers of his urban surrounds. By day he studies at school — immersed in a claustrophobic world to which he cannot relate – and lives with his grandparents, both of whom are elderly and unwell. The household is practically run by he and his siblings, so he is able to disappear at night from his well-ordered home and school life into his ever-changing world on the trains. Opening scene: close up on the child’s face, the camera moving sporadically from his eyes to a full side-on profile as a piano and violin score plays in the background. He is sitting on a train, staring out the window into the black of the night. The sound of the wheels rattling along the track accompanies the soundtrack. He is expressionless – just staring out the window, contemplating the world outside. Staring. Thinking. After a while he closes his eyes, very slowly. The screen softly fades to black. [illustrations by Autumn Whitehurst]
autumn whitehurst
autumn whitehurst

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