Autumn Whitehurst

A perennial favourite, Autumn Whitehurst creates seamless vector pieces that shimmer with lustful beauty. We asked her how reflective her illustration aesthetic is of her lifestyle aesthetic: ‘My illustrations are much more streamlined than my lifestyle aesthetic. I grew up in a family of magpies and must be genetically predisposed to collecting things I don’t need. I’ll need to move into a bigger space soon or I’ll have to start throwing things out because the visual stimulation in my house is nearly suffocating. If you’ve seen the movie Max, and remember Max Earnst’s house, that would be quite close to my ideal. But I would love to remix that with the aesthetic of those old French colonial homes in Vietnam and then I’d be quite content. How it would be possible, I have no idea’. Have you seen any creative work lately that’s really inspired you?

‘I’ve really only been looking at old movements like art deco and the work that came out Vienna towards the end of the 19th century, but I’ve not heavily delved into it just yet. I like the idea of revisiting modern technology with a new aesthetic and calling it Tech Deco, but I think it’s already happening. Lots of soft curves and silent spaces, we don’t really see what makes things tick anymore and everything alludes to the idea of comfort’.

autumn whitehurst

autumn whitehurst

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