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We’ve been touting the work of Australian illustrator Lang Leav, creator of Akina, for some time now. She’s just created a new character — Pandora [above] — as well as re-launched her website, so we figured it was a good time to get the low down. We last spoke to you in July. What have you been doing since then? ‘Since July, I have been really focused on defining what Akina is and in which direction I want to head. I have decided to stay away from mainstream fashion and carve a little niche for myself that hones in on the three things I am most passionate about — art, books and fashion’. And this new character? ‘Pandora represents transition and the consequences that derive from its cause and effect. In the original story, Pandora opens a box and is confronted with misfortune, calamity and despair. In spite of which, there is also hope and joy to be found amongst the suffering. Pandora is a very personal piece and reflects a lot of the personal struggles and life changes I have faced in the last year’. How do you plan to spend the Australian summer? ‘There are four things I absolutely love about summer —Havaianas, short-shorts, the beach and ice cream’.

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