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Edwina White [interview]

We caught up with Australian-born, New York-based illustrator, Edwina White, recently. What have you been obsessing about lately outside of illustration? ‘Where does it end? I have been obsessing about curled celery, Ginger Syrup with champagne, about an A Detacher dress, old science charts and Third Drawer Down goodies’. Is there a song or album that always gets your creative energy racing? ‘It’s old school … Linus and Lucy by Vince Guaraldi gently shifts me deep into my paper pencil kingdom. It may have something to do with the Sesame Streetness of my adopted neighborhood. Right now I am hanging my show and it’s all sharp knives and white paint and arranging. I’m listening to Nico Muhly ‘Speaks Volumes’. And soaring with it. It’s perfectly matching with my brain spitting and ticking and there are melting parts in there that are keeping me quite sane while noticing the way the light falls’.

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