77 Boadrum

77 Boadrum was an event held in New York, and organized by the Boredoms, on the seventh of July, 2007. The idea was to set up 77 drum sets, spiraling out from the four Boredoms in the center. They would begin a rhythm and pass it along to the next drummer on the right until it reached drummer number 77. I wasn’t able to observe this epic event in total, as nearly 5,000 others were able, so perhaps I’m not the best authority on the subject. However, I was in the thick of it; lucky enough to participate as drummer number 75. I felt it. I played it. It changed me and the people who watched and absorbed it. I felt such a positive energy when it was happening that I can’t explain. It wasn’t from exhaustion, even though we played for over an hour and a half and spent about twelve hours in the July sun. It was pure elation. It was one of the greatest musical experiences of my life – 77 of the most receptive drummers from all points playing in unison and disarray. It was ultimately heavy and beautiful. The vibrations we sent out hopefully will bounce around this world of ours until time stops.

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