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The Paper Scissors tip their hat

We’ve been following the developing career of young Sydney band The Paper Scissors from a small town garage group to the budding superstars they are. And yes, if they should crack it into the red, they’ll owe us a decent slice of royalties. Ahem! We spoke to singer Jai Pyne recently about the trajectory of the group: ‘The Paper Scissors started as my demos from my bedroom, and slowly it has turned into a more band driven sound, taking the energies of [fellow members] Tom, Bryce and Xav and adding them to my songwriting. It has been a natural evolution, it is still going too. I think the idea is to distill a sound between what we play live and how I hear things in my head; the mistakes and scrappy bits and colourful ideas’. You’ve been playing the upcoming album live for some time now. What’s been the craziest response you’ve received to one of the songs off it? ‘Lately, just people bellowing at full pelt the “whoos” in Yamanote Line. It is very romantic and utopian’. In the We Don’t Walk video, I see moments that are reminiscent of early Police videos in your dancing Jai. Got a secret thing for Stewart Copeland dance moves? ‘I did listen to a fair amount of Police when I was younger, maybe I picked it up by osmosis. I do like to dance, and I have more dance solos coming up in future’. Complete this sentence: paper scissors are good for … ‘If they are scissors made from paper, nothing; if they are scissors for cutting paper, craft; if they are our band; playing music into your eardrums’.

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Videos from Lost At E Minor TV