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Fecal Face

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I was lucky enough to meet with John Trippe, the main man behind the popular arts based site, Fecal Face. Trippe started Fecal Face in 1998 as a zine that has since developed into a hugely popular web site that not only has arts news from San Francisco but from all over the world. It’s a great hub for those interested in younger developing artists who are beginning to have shows and get their voices heard. [Shepherd Fairey photo via Fecal Face]

Videos from E MINOR TV

Recorded a cool, fun, funny, or inspiring video (or even better, all of the above!) that you'd love to have more people see? Well, we'd like to see it. And if we dig it, we'll turn it into a Found At E Minor (FAEM) video for our Facebook audience to enjoy. Check out this awesome recent example and submit your videos here!