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Cloud Cult

I’ve just come across the music of Minneapolis band Cloud Cult, and their song Chemicals Collide in particular. Their sound is a mix of scratchy acoustic guitar riffs mixed in with staccato beats and airy harmonies, all infused with a beautiful sense of lyrical melancholy. And it comes served with an environmentally friendly twist. As their bio states: ‘Cloud Cult has rejected major label record offers in favor of staying independent, so the band can do everything as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes making every concert “green” by purchasing green energy credits to pump wind power into the grid to compensate for energy used on stage and in travel. The band’s self-founded record label, Earthology Records, has been covered in major media everywhere from National Public Radio to the New York Times as “the world’s most environmentally friendly not-for-profit record label”‘.

Listen to Cloud Cult’s Chemicals Collide.


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