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Sex In Art

We love sex in art. No, not in a smutty Benny Hill kinda way, but rather the way in which Australian-based website Sex In Art takes a healthy peek at all things arty and well … sexual. There’s some beautiful illustration work up there and some evocative photography. Heck, I’m getting a little hot under the collar just writing about it. While most of the work they feature is work friendly, some of it isn’t. Still, it’s worth more than a casual glance, like this painting by Chinese artist, Guan Zeju.

Videos from E MINOR TV

Recorded a cool, fun, funny, or inspiring video (or even better, all of the above!) that you'd love to have more people see? Well, we'd like to see it. And if we dig it, we'll turn it into a Found At E Minor (FAEM) video for our Facebook audience to enjoy. Check out this awesome recent example and submit your videos here!