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Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever’s Senon Williams discusses the band’s sound and story. How would you describe your music? ‘A waterfall far from its source, taking in all the creeks and streams until it builds its self into a massive cascade… that you can dance to’. Can you briefly explain how Dengue Fever came together? ‘Two brothers love the old 60s Cambodian tunes…they go down to Long Beach in California to check out some Cambodian clubs. Not finding what they were looking for, they ask a Cambodian singer to join their band… and voila!’ You recently traveled to Cambodia to create a doco, ‘Sleepwalking Through the Mekong’, how did you find that experience? ‘It was beautiful. We were lucky enough to record with several Cambodian master musicians, play a gig in The Tonle Basaac Ghetto, chill with our singer Nimol’s family, play on Cambodian television and more. We saw, heard, smelled and felt almost too much for my mind to digest. A lot of Cambodians and Westerners were telling me they had been to places they had never been to in years of living in Cambodia until we showed up. That makes me feel good’.

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