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David Capra

2006 SOYA Award finalist, David Capra, says of his largely collage based artworks: ‘It gives me an opportunity to create my own world where I feel more comfortable. It gives me something to lose myself in. But at the same time, it helps me keep both feet on the ground. I tend to use mediums associated with kindergarten, like plasticine and collage. This is because I think the work produced by children lacks formal constraints and is more spontaneous. I also favour collage for its lack of cohesiveness and sense of chaos. I consider the process of making art almost like role playing, a theatrical process where I can put down on paper or make tangible various feelings and thoughts that are sometimes unrelated. Often, when drawing a still life, I ask myself how would illustrator Saul Steinberg approach this bowl or how would someone that has never drawn before render this vase. I don’t know why. Perhaps to keep myself from getting bored and entertain myself’.

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