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Winter Park

Melbourne band Winter Park create lush, atmospheric music you can dance to. We interviewed frontman Matt Ridgway about the band and its collaborative ideology. You cite some pretty disparate influences on your MySpace page. Everything from Sigur Ros to Susumu Yokota. How do these eclectic tastes manifest in your music? ‘Yes, disparate influences indeed! But that said, I really like music that has a cinematic sensibility, and I think both those artists fall into that category. They have a great sense of intensity and space that appeals to my aesthetic. I just love a variety of music, from minimal glitch, to expansive cinematic stuff, via shoe gaze and 80’s pop. I am intrigued by diversity in sounds and production, and am forever trying to find a way to bring all the styles I like together’. Why did you take the collaborative approach with the album – inviting a series of guest performers to add their own touch to the sound? ‘Well, the collaboration started when I had some tracks that I thought needed to move away from purely electronic sounds. I asked a good friend of mine, Ross McLennan [ex-Snout], to play live drums on them. From there, it just seemed natural to ask a whole bunch of my other friends to contribute. They were all really excited about contributing to the project, and this in turn, inspired me. It really just sort of evolved into its own entity’. What three songs would you kick off an upbeat DJ set with? ‘Well, at my place it would be Learnalilgivinanlovin – Gotye; Fame – David Bowie; and Such Great Heights – The Postal Service’.

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