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Tessarella House – The Queens of Bling

When I was buzzing around William St, Paddington in Sydney one night, I spotted two girls opening their doors to a room full of bling. I couldn’t help myself and asked cheekily if I could come in and have a look around. ‘Of course!’, the girls squealed. Sisters Anna and Contessa of Tessarella House are a welcoming pair. Stepping into their somewhat camp shop equipped with disco balls and red chandeliers is more like entering a nightclub than a jewellery store. Both sisters design all the handmade pieces displayed around the store including the hot pink satin sofa. I wanted to bejewel myself with all the bling and the Miss World Tiara [they recently sponsored Miss World contestant Sabrina Houssami] and lie on the hot pink sofa sipping champers. Tessarella House specializes in handmade creations ranging from amazing sparkly Swarovski crystal earrings, necklaces and broaches, to creations made out of semi-precious stones. [see also Lydia Holt; Marta Sanchez Oms]

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