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The Scungie

Sienna Miller’s appearance – sans pant – at the New York premiere of her new Warholian film project, Factory Girl, signaled the surprising return of a wardrobe staple: the scungie. Scungies will be a familiar sight/blight to schoolgirls (and ex-schoolgirls) Australia-wide. Best described as a heartily elasticated woman’s full brief underpant – or sport bloomer – scungies were requisite attire for school sport and ‘physical culture’ (physie). Worn on their own or under a short pleated skirt, the scungie acted as a kind of force-field, repelling the voyeuristic efforts of young schoolboys (those notorious up-skirt dirt merchants). In looking for the source of Sienna’s sartorial revelation, all signs point to fellow Factory Girl cast-mate, ‘Australian’ actor Guy Pearce. Before donning a silly silver wig to take on the role of Andy Warhol, Pearce was a pervy schoolboy in rural Victoria. The actor is on record as being a fan of big knickers.

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