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The next time you’re walking down Liverpool St, just off Oxford St in Sydney, you may notice an eye-catching window display that draws you into an unknown world. Meet new kids on the block Roderick Ng and Elenie Kondos, owners and founders of clothing brand Master/Slave. The name Master/Slave was chosen as it signified a symbiosis of sorts, meaning one cannot exist without the other. Which is how these two feel about each other, and the Master/slave brand. As Roderick says of the typical Master/Slave customer, ‘he declares that he is a slave to fashion, but the master at play’. Walking through the doors you will find a Pandora’s box full of quirky and unconventional designs. A well thought out space of wall-to-wall creativity, they specialise in made to measure and ready to wear clothing including their luxury denim and funky t-shirts. Of particular interest are the elaborate couture dresses. You can see the quality workmanship that has gone into each piece. [see also Sumakhi]

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