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Five to watch

These are five Australian illustrators and designers that Lost At E Minor tips for big things over the next year or so: illustrator Lang Leav, who uses pastels and pixels to weave the enchanting world of Akina; Del Kathryn Barton, whose ‘patent wide-eyed innocent children’ occupy ‘imaginary fantasy worlds of abstract patterns, foliage, native birds and rabbits’; Kelly Boulton, of Other Design, who has has worked across a variety of creative mediums, from guest art directing street press magazine, Stu, to designing t-shirts for Jeremyville; Joshua Gurrie, who takes inspiration from the racier elements of contemporary popular culture’ and whose work ‘seeks to counter the over-saturation of pop media, web junk and glossy sneakers’; and Momoko Hatano, who is inspired by ‘philosophy, environmental and political issues, and artists such as Wim Delvoye and William Morris’. [illustrations by Del Kathryn Barton, left, and Lang Leav, right]

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