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Nothing to you

I saw San Francisco group Two Gallants play the other night at the majestic Bowery Ballroom. For a two-piece – drums and guitar – they sure make a noise, their distinctive blues meets rock meets Irish sea shanty music reverberating around a room that was pummelled into submission by the sheer cheek and eccentricity of their opening salvo. Their music is all staccato rhythms – choppy and acerbic – full of tempo changes that work off ferocious drumming and half-spoken, half-shouted vocals. My friend made the comment before the set started that the audience didn’t look like they knew what they were in for. And they really couldn’t have been prepared for the sonic intensity that followed. These guys are simply electric, harnessing the angst and charismatic dynamicism of early Nirvana with the melodic unpredictability of any great band of the past thirty years. [see also The Dears]

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