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Romance was born

Says Miss Chris from the independent Australian fashion website Camarilla: ‘Right now, the Melbourne fashion world is out celebrating the latest residency – Romance was Born – at vibrant local boutique Alice Euphemia‘.

Romance was Born is regional Australian-ism meets glamour, dipping a nostalgic node to all things local. Let’s not be fooled, fashionistas, Alice Euphemia will not be leading us down a misguided path of lairy Ken Done styled 1980s faux paus. Rather, the limited residency features the prints of renowned Melbourne artist Del Kathryn Barton. ‘Aussie legends – the Dunlop Volley – are given a sparkling treatment. Think rock eisteddfod chic as these kids take over, creating an insane lounge room with a romantic vision’. This sounds like fun. I see gala-inspired pastel pink frilly frocks and Del’s patent wide-eyed innocent children occupying imaginary fantasy worlds of abstract patterns, foliage, native birds and rabbits.

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