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Can you see it?

Ok, I have a thing for trains. Not a weird, creepy thing but rather a fascination for those moments when people are forced into the deepest stages of introspection, self-analysis … you name it. You can see it in their eyes as they compemplate the nature of life and their small part in it. Mind you, what else are you going to do whilst killing time on the morning peek hour. Though it must be noted that some use it a little more creatively than others. I once saw a Japanese man, for instance, construct a lifelike (though thankfully smaller) horse out of coloured paper once on the London underground. He had the damn thing finished by the time he hit Piccadilly. But he was kinda blessed with a rare talent. Heck, it even had hoofs. Personally I’d rather spend those fifteen precious minutes reflecting, dreaming, staring, thinking … Afterall, there’s only so many minutes in the day. And I really don’t want to read the Da Vinci Code. [illustration by Linn Olofsdotter]

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