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Hold onto your legs

Edwina White

French electronica producer Colleen’s most recent release — The Golden Morning Breaks — borrows liberally from the rich sonic palette of classical music. It’s a beautifully compiled album which drifts in that dark ether of sonic unease. I interviewed her about it via email and asked her how much of a perfectionist she is with her music? ‘I guess I am both a perfectionist and a non-perfectionist. I do wait for quite a long time between each album because I want to make sure I have something new to say and I am capable of working for a long time on one track until I get it right. I hate to rush things and feel I should only release music that I really need to give to the wider world. But another side of me is not a perfectionist because I don’t believe that the best art is perfect in any way. These are such relative notions. What matters to me most is emotion’. Q: What colour most represents your music? A: ‘Something like the blue of the sea would suit me right now. I love the sea more and more, and the album is partly based on that, many of the titles certainly are linked to water’. Q: What are three things you need to inspire your music? A: ‘Time, peace of mind and good food’.

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