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Interview with Swedish songwriter, Jens Lekman, who the Pop Matters website has described as sounding like a cross between ‘Magnetic Fields mastermind Stephen Merritt, Morrissey in both his voice and his dryly humorous lyrics, Donovan and Nick Drake in his acoustic arrangements, and Ron Sexsmith in his classy melodies’. I asked him how hard it is to write a happy song: ‘It is really hard. Sometimes I find it almost impossible. There are maybe a few more upbeat songs on my next record which I am currently working on. Are you a fan of the ‘classic’ songwriters like Bacharach and Carole King? Lekman: Yes and no. I sometimes cover ‘They should’ve given you the Oscar’ though. That’s a Carole King song, right? Is there one song you’ve written that still makes your hair stand on end? Lekman: ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon and Garfunkel totally makes my hair stand on end. But I can’t say I wrote that one. I wish Simon and Garfunkel would reform and come to Sweden’.

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