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Anything could happen

No I don’t dance. But heck I was tempted the other night. I was at a Foo Fighters gig, deep amongst the sweat-ridden bowels of a 20,000 strong crowd, with a mind-blowing laser show flashing above me and a band on stage so in the zone it was mesmerising. As Dave Grohl and his fellow Foeys cranked out epic riff after riff, a legion of adoring fans were losing themselves completely in the moment. Ah … the healing power of a catchy chorus and a seriously loud PA. Note to self: where have you been all my life?! Where have you been. And I still don’t dance. Bugger it! The guy immediately to my left certainly does. A big unit he was too, like a giant bowling ball, knocking people about like skittles. His manic spins and irrational directional changes helped clear a path for himself a good fifteen feet wide – and this in a venue literally packed to the rafters. It was either a stroke of calculated genius or he was on something very, very potent. I opt for the latter; and I want a bagful of it … now. But I digress. The point is that live music rocks. And good live music – those gigs where the band are obviously in it as much for the audience as they are for themselves – rocks even harder. Yes, all hail the mighty guitar and the constant smack of a tightly strung snare drum.
[illustration by Jonathan Weiner]

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